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Friday, September 4, 2009


My doctor and I played telephone tag the whole trip back from Redding, CA. He ended up calling me the next night at 8:45pm. I was surprised to hear from him so late. He explained that he couldn't allow it to go on any longer. It had been three weeks instead of the one week we were supposed to have to wait for the receptor cell results. They had wanted me to see a team of five doctors afew weeks ago. Everyone was in such a hurry to get me into treatment. Everyone but me.
"Your tumor is what we call triple-negative." I felt like he punched me in the stomach. "Your proliferative index was rather high...80%" I didn't know what that meant. I went back to the triple-neg. "I can't believe it...I thought it would at least be estrogen positive."
"No," he added, "I understand you are looking into alternative treatments,"
I was flabbergasted, "I don't remember telling Kim that, but yes. I am."
"Let me just throw this out there so you know what to expect. You will be facing chemo, then surgery, then more chemo. That is what you can expect." He didn't try to talk me into it. I was alittle puzzled. His voice was very compassionate, "Well, if there is anything you need, any questions we can answer for you, please call. Call if we can do anything to help you..."
"Thank you, Doctor."
I called my sister. I had never heard of the proliferative index so she did the research on it while I looked into the triple-neg. designation some more. We would talk the next day.

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