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Friday, September 4, 2009

Redding, CA

Eric, my daughter, Sam, and I headed for California on August 20. We were going to visit the Healing Ministry at Bethel Church. We were alittle disappointed to find out that Bill Johnson, the senior pastor, was out of town during our visit, but it really didn't matter who we got to pray for us. They had faith for healing there, and we wanted to receive from them.
The first divine encounter was on the second flight. from Phoenix to Sacramento. The man sitting next to me asked about the book I was reading The Cancer Battle Plan, by Dave Frahm. We had already implemented many of the diet changes in the book and noticed tumor growth had slowed. Jerry just happened to be a Spirit-filled believer who had lost his wife to cancer a year earlier. He was so broken and missed her terribly. We talked alot. He shared that they had done alot of what we were trying, but he felt that it was just too late for her. He was sweet and helpful. We prayed for eachother and he gave me his e-mail address.
Bethel has a 24 hour prayer house. We spent quite alot of time worshipping and preparing our hearts for prayer at the healing rooms Saturday. We were there for Friday night service where we met Elena. She was my angel sent from heaven. She showed us where the prayer room was and helped get us oriented. She took an interest in me and began gathering others to pray for me. Our trip would not have been near as special without her. It was also through her that we learned Heidi Baker was visiting Bethel.
The Lord had set us up! Heidi Baker was there, at Bethel. Eric had told me that if I didn't get healed soon he was going to fly me to Mozambique just to be prayed for by Heidi. Well, God brought Heidi to us!
The whole weekend was a wonderful experience, but had not manifested healing in my body after prayer at the healing rooms. Heidi was preaching Sunday night. We were filled with anticipation because of the anointing on her life. We waited in a long line for almost three hours before the doors were opened. The first thing Heidi did was to call up all who knew that they would die if they didn't get a miracle. I knew that was me, but it was strange to walk up the aisle in acknowledgement of it. Heidi preached on the favor of the Lord in the life if Mary, mother of Jesus. Funny, a friend had called me earlier in the day saying she kept getting the word 'favor' for me.
Heidi prayed for me extensively after the service. A man came to me and said that I was favored of the Lord, "in fact," he said, "you are one of His favor-ites." I knew what he meant. I felt favored, even if it didn't look like that from others' perspectives.
My primary tumor did shrink on our journey home, but not all the way. We were not discouraged, though. We knew we needed to "walk it out."


  1. Great to hear what god can do.. you should consider networking with the moms in the bizymoms Redding community

  2. Thanks, Sarah! I will look into this.