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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blood Test Results

I had a nutritionist analyze a sample of my blood. I received the results and spoke to him about them today. My immune system is barely functioning. Across the board, every organ, gland, and cell group responsible for my defense is down. It is also not communicating among itself to work properly even if it was built up. I'm in trouble.
The nutritionist has suggested a plan for building it up. It will cost over $1,700/mo. (not including shipping!) to impliment. Since my healing is not yet manifest we feel the need to continue doing all we can nutritionally to keep me healthy. As you know our finances are less than adequate to cover that kind of committment, but in the last two days $800 did come in from family and a few friends who did not know the need so we can start and trust God for each month's supply. I am supposed to have my blood tested again four weeks after I begin the regimen to see if my body is responding properly. Each blood analysis costs $200.
I have been reading alot from Dr. Lorraine Day . She had breast cancer at about the same stage as mine (same size, too, only mine is buried in my breast). She beat it completely by nutrition alone. She has been cancer free for over 10 years. It is a very inspiring story. I admire her stand as well as the courage she has in exposing the barbaric way the medical establishment deals with cancer. Her teachings are very eye-opening and educational. I do not agree with all her theology, but I admire a faith that looks solely to Jesus and Jesus alone for the answers to all problems.

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