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Friday, September 4, 2009

One Month Mark

Today marks my one month diagnosis with breast cancer. I feel great. I am on a complete vegeterian diet and at this time am on a juice fast. I have never been so healthy. My tumors are still with me.
I have sent a blood sample to a nutritionist to have it analyzed. He will be able to help me to make dietary changes that will help my immune system fight the cancer. I am still contending for complete supernatural healing. I believe this is something that has been won already but must be contended for until it is a physical reality.
Eric and I are planning to visit his sister in Kansas City and go to the International House of Prayer there for healing prayer next week.
I am released in my thought life from any fear. I don't see myself as having cancer, but I know I do. It is just so far removed from my reality. I don't pray for my own healing anymore. The burden I had for that is gone. It actually wouldn't matter which way it went, life or death. I am at peace. But I know life is the will of God for me. The only prayer I have about death is that when it is time for my heart to be readied to meet Him, that the motivation of readiness in my heart would be love for Him and not a need to escape pain.
What the enemy meant for death and evil, God has used to bless me with life and a tenacious fighting spirit. I will see my King victorious!

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