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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Counting the Cost?!?!

In case anyone wondered, I thought I'd share from the business side of this little cancer venture. The first day of tests, a mammogram and an ultrasound, cost alittle less than $800. My biopsy proceedure the next day cost $9000. Yes, you read that right. Two days worth of cancer cost almost $10,000. And that was just the beginning!!! We do not have insurance, which I was told was a good thing for us, more government handouts I guess. My husband was laid off work with many of his colleagues in March. They have kept him busy some since then, but we did qualify (I think) for a grant to pay for the diagnostics part of this venture.
In order to see the team of doctors I needed to be funded first. Yes. You can't get into a cancer doctor unless they know you have funding. There is a breast cancer medicaid available but we made too much to qualify for it at first. Eric's hours were cut to 12 per week which did bring us under the qualifying amount but by that time we had decided not to use the doctors anyway.
The stripping in our lives right now is intense. We are not bringing in enough to pay the bills, and have no idea where God wants us. I have been spending my time resting while my husband cares for me and everything else. A friend brought us a bed so that we could at least sleep together instead of on blow-up matresses on the floor. I don't care what happens to the house, etc. Material posessions really aren't high on my list of priorities. In fact, we had just returned from giving our furniture away so that we could sell everything else and be available to God for anything He wanted when we received the cancer diagnosis. Sounds like a frontal attack, huh?
Our prayers are for provision and guidance. We need to know His will. Do we move closer to family? Do we stay where we are? We were supposed to go to Ukraine in October. Our work there is in question, too. What do we DO, Lord?
*An additional note: We recently heard a cancer survivor talk about his treatments. Each chemotherapy treatment he received cost him $35,000. He had to pay out of pocket until he was accepted into the VA, at which time the cost went down to $50. Hummmmm!


  1. Will certainly be adding these issues also to the discussion as I remember you. Love you lots, dear friend!