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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things Happening

I recently developed more tumors. Two of them grew very quickly and are hanging off the breast tumor. Yesterday one started bleeding. I had an emotional reaction to the blood at first, but my husband and I immediately cried out to the Lord and the bleeding stopped. There is yellow fluid seeping from the tumor and I am wearing nursing pads against my ribs to catch the drainage.
I actually got excited because I am at a place of desperate need and feel the time is near for breakthrough! Prayer warriors are rallied around me and I can already taste freedom from these tumors. They are so big, cumbersome, and heavy, and draining so that I cannot go out in public very easily. I am a prisoner of sorts. Not much longer!! I sense victory!
We've had an influx of people calling to pray. A friend of a friend is calling a fast until 3:00pm tomorrow and then praying over the phone for me. We are asking all who want to join us to do so. I will report more as things unfold. I'm so excited and full of anticipation!


  1. I am sending love and prayers!!

  2. Praying for you now Denise! Hang on to the hem of Jesus' garment - visualize it in your mind and then reach out and touch it! He will release the power - through the same Spirit that raised Him from the dead!

    Praying now.....Stephanie

  3. We had an all night intercession time last week and drank Panamanian coffee and remembered you together. Love you so much Denise!