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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Finding My Purpose in Life

I FINALLY found it! I found my purpose in life! Can you guess what it is? I was made to worship the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, I have had a relationship with Him for 28 years. And all along if you asked me what my purpose was, that would have been my answer. But today I really understood that if that was all I did for the rest of my life (all alone in my confinement) it would be okay with God, and it would be okay with me. I always felt I needed to add something to that to please Him. But today I became so centered in Christ that to live is Him and ministering to Him alone. Everything else flows from that. But it now doesn't matter what that everything else is. I am completely content not knowing. He'll show me when it is time.
Oh, how wonderful being free of that thing in me that said I had to do something much bigger than I was doing right then (even if it was raising eight kids!). Nothing ever felt completely good enough. Even as I matured my head knew that, but my heart...that was another story. It came to a real head when my children finished moving out. I didn't know what I was here for and really had an identity crisis. I mean what else do you have time for when you're raising eight kids plus any strays that come your way? A lot of years of cooking and cleaning and wiping noses shapes a person.
I am rejoicing tonight. Holy Spirit really blessed me today and I feel breakthrough is coming. Praise the Lord!


  1. So glad to read this Denise! God is amazing! His Presence is more than enough. He has one obesession with His children and that is:
    To be TRUSTED!

    He often whispers in the good times and the bad times.... "Do you TRUST ME, ______?"
    I have not known that complete trust like I found after going through the many tough trials in my life including the homegoing of my own husband to glory. BUT GOD......... took me through even THAT! It was there that He asked me, "Do you TRUST ME, Stephanie?"

    "Yes, Lord, but teach me how to TRUST YOU fully with my very life!"

    {{HUGS}} to you
    Choosing JOY, Stephanie

  2. Truth! Well spoken dear friend. He wants US, not just what we can "do for" or "give" Him. Praise the Lord!
    Love you lots.

  3. Shawna,
    The biggest blessings in life are the ones we can share with kindred spirits like you! I love you so much. You know. Our relationship means so much to me.

  4. Such wisdom! You are absolutely right that we are here to worship Him and we don't have to "do things" to find His favor. I'm glad you have found this peace and contentment.