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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Hope

As 2009 draws to a quiet close for me, I find myself wondering what 2010 will bring. I hoped to go into the New Year cancer free. That hope has not materialized. So, cancer will cross the imaginary line into the New Year with me.
I remember the Lord telling me 2009 would be a difficult year for me, but that He would be with me. He has been and I know He will continue to be with me into the unknown of 2010.
My heart's desire for the coming year is to see the enemy robbed of the weapon of cancer. I want to see him disarmed and cancer rendered harmless. I do not believe the Lord ever intended for us to be robbed of so much in the body of Christ by cancer. He doesn't want women loosing their breasts or men loosing their prostates or anyone loosing their lives to it. Cancer is confusion and it is not authored by God. It is an alternate information coming into cells and creating chaos.
I seek authority and dominion over cancer this year. Please join with me to see cancer defeated in the spiritual as well as physical realms. We need to fight for what the Lord has already provided for us. Happy New Year to all.

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