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Monday, January 4, 2010

Five Months

It's been five months since being diagnosed, almost eight months since finding the tumors. I have had challenges lately with feeling weak. I know it is because I am anemic and am probably not getting enough protein. When I remember to eat bee pollen which is high in protein, I feel better. I am also taking molasses for the anemia.
The primary tumor got suddenly very heavy about three weeks ago. It was extremely noticable. I find it very difficult to wear a bra, even the very large sports bras I have been wearing. I read afew days ago that when tumors die they become heavy. Wouldn't that be something? I am wondering if that is why my liver seems to be overwhelmed. The same book said the tumor dying would cause gastric and liver problems as my body rids itself of the tumor. I'd like to believe that is what is going on. I will be sending my blood work in tomorrow morning to find out more. Until then...


  1. Thanks for the update. Remembering you in regard to this...
    Did you find a place to live? Has Eric found work?
    let us know when you get the results of the blood work back!
    Love you!

  2. Denise, this is Janis Simpson. It is good to read news of you. I sent your blog address to several who love you and are interested in keeping up with your progress. We are praying and trusting for a renewed surge of strength and encouragement from the Lord.

  3. Denise:

    I am a friend of Janis and Dale's and I have been praying for you. With God there is always HOPE! He will take you THROUGH this trial - and will never let you go! May you come forth as Gold as you trust Him fully with your heart and your life! I will send others your way to pray and allow God to complete the work He has begun in your life!

    Psalm 145 for today!

    Choosing JOY, Stephanie
    JESUS ONLY in 2010

  4. Thank you for the encouraging words and prayers! May the Lord bless you all abundantly beyond measure!

  5. He already has, Denise! May HE shower YOU with His Abundant Blessings and anoint you with healing in His Wings! Stay under them!

    Choosing JOY, Stephanie
    JESUS ONLY in 2010

  6. Denise - my sweet friend Stephanie enlisted me to join you and all your friends in prayer for the healing of this disease! I am praying that God is touching you right now. I am praying that He will manifest Himself mightily in your life and that others will see His power through your healing!

    In His Grip,

  7. Denise:
    Stephanie sent me your name and the request to pray for you, which I am doing right now. I pray that God will touch you with HIS miraculous hands and heal you. He has already healed your heart, and that's the most important of all, and now I join with you in asking Him for a miracle in your life. I'll be back to check on you, and I'll keep praying!


  8. Coming over to let you know I am joining in praying and believing in complete healing for you. Stephanie sent me and I am looking forward to seeing God move in your testimony of Faith!


  9. Hi Denise,

    I am a friend of Stephanie's. She has sent me your way to continue to lift you up dear one for complete and total miraculous divine healing. Oh how I am praying mightily to our Almighty Father that as you continue to press in to Him while taking rest in His loving arms, that He in turn continues to bring forth complete and total manifestation of your body being made whole once again and that all signs of cancer be gone in Jesus precious name I pray. Amen!

    I will be checking in on you sweet sister. I surely will.

    Love & prayers,

  10. Hi Denise,

    This is my first visit to your blog. Stephanie from Truthsharer a beautiful sister in Christ asked me to visit and pray. Please know that I'm praying for you on this journey and may the LORD touch, heal and make completely whole your breast. May your faith stay strong in HIM.

    Love and prayers....

  11. Lord, please heal and restore Denise's health. Give her hope. Send forth your peace and comfort. Minister to her spirit. Wrap your arms around her. Let her know how special she is and how much you love her. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen